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PEY Seminar

Frosh General Meeting





Cocktail Party

UTKESA hosts annual summer camps in Korea and Canada. There are BBQ parties and recreational events for members to enjoy their get-together. This event is also known as a networking party between current students and graduates.

UTKESA invites newly admitted students to KESA's small general meeting, informing upcoming events and tips on living campus life. This event is aiming frosh members to get to know our executives, and we elect three new interns to be frosh representatives of KESA.


General Meeting is the first major event in our school calendar. This event brings all UTKESA members together. The executive team and the year plan are introduced, and the members of UTKESA are given opportunities to voice their concerns and questions. We then engage into group socials in respective disciplines.

UTKESA presents to all of its members a dinner socializing event at the Orientation. Members socialize, eat and then are called to participate in group activities. The goal of this event is to have our members be more acquainted with each other.

This is a one-night-two-days trip to the nearby farmhouse where UTKESA again invites all of its members. Diverse numbers of members, ranging from frosh to graduate students, participate and engage in activities aimed for leisure and socialization.

​PEY Seminar will deliver overall application guidelines and process of the PEY program. A speaker, a former PEY student, is invited to give advices and share his experience with undergraduate members of KESA. More PEY students are invited for a brief discussion session after the informative seminar.

Collaborating with another student group at University of Toronto, we present a formal networking event that invites all students in Science and Engineering. This event is open to public, and everyone with passion in Science and more are invited. Professors and graduate students are invited to take part in the networking sessions and give brief talks.

UTKESA invites its members to a 2-nights-3-days ski trip to Blue Mountain resort. Very social in its purpose, diverse group of members come out and enjoy their time.

Grad/Industrial Seminar invites engineers who are currently in a graduate school and in various industries with experiences ranging from 2-3 years to more than 10 years. Engineers in graduate schools discuss about the graduate program. Engineers in field give various advices about different career paths and share their experiences in the industry.

The Year End Party is held at the end of school year to congratulate graduating members of UTKESA. The graduating members are given a graduating certificate made by UTKESA, along with a small token of appreciation from our executives. All of the members then come together to engage in a dinner-like socialization.

Ski Trip


​Agenda of the Year 2018-2019

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Grad/Industry Seminar

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Year Ending Party


 General Meeting

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